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environmental acoustics; Tools; Noise impact; Acoustics (sound).n neutron activation analysis; Plasma radiation; In a circular way; X-ray . Held practical classes with the centers of: Atomic nucleus , Radium industry, Institute of High Energy Physics RAS&nbsp.; Scientific adviser Alexey Viktorovich Mashkov, Candidate of Science, employee of the Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, Director of the Department of INP SB RAS.
- And for the future, do you see any specific projects related to security?
Now we are monitoring the conditions of animals at our plant. In mid-November, we plan to start an experiment on the ultrasonic decomposition profile of hazardous chemicals - benzene and toluene. This is the first thing we will do in the new place.
And the first experiment - "Sharp Ear". Don't be scared, nothing too exotic. Let's work on a sample. This is a cat specimen. We are located on the territory where there are potential AHO-inhabitants. Therefore, it is important for us to know how long they live there.
For safety reasons, we believe that both animals and people, all should be warned about the need to follow the rules for maintaining health and caution when in this area. The "Sharp Ear" experiment will take place on the territory that has already been found in the process of radar. It will be carried out in the laboratory on a specially trained cat.
And in order for the experiment to be as effective as possible, we will monitor the state of the air. This, for example, concerns the air in the rooms where the animals will be, as well as at the stage of removing them from the laboratory.
We will control that the "live" zone will periodically appear and disappear. If there are more people in it, then perhaps there will be more animals in it.
As for the radiation characteristics of the territory, we plan to collect and analyze information about them.
Of course, we are not going to allow animals to forage on the territory of the plant. It's just that this territory (especially in the sanitary protection zone) is a source of harmful substances entering the atmosphere. So we will make sure that the animals do not touch the food that was there.
P.S. Representatives of the "Commonwealth" are planning to hold several more similar actions soon.
Maxim Sotnikov, General Director of STS-Mebel LLC, added that at the time of their organization of the market and the construction of the plant on an area of 13 g fe70933767